The Lost Mines of Phandelver

The Skeleton King
He rises again!

Prepare to fight King Leoric!

Prepare yourself Havilarattachment.jpg

Session 3 - The Redbrand Hideout
Yo Dawg, I heard You Like Secret Doors
  • Traversed the cavern and headed north to a descending staircase, ended in a short hall with a door to the north and the south.
  • South door had sounds of rattling, shouts, and groans behind it
  • North door was a makeshift alchemist’s lab where invisibility potions were in attempts of being made, albeit unsuccessfully. Azalin took a bottle each of powdered nightshade, dragon bile, and mercury (25gp to an alchemist / apothecary)
  • The party chased Glasstaff from his chambers, through several secret doors, up a stair case and out into the cavern again where the battled the Nothic while Locke chased Glasstaff down.
  • Glasstaff was put down for the count by Locke’s arrows, and quickly learned that his real name is Iarno Albrek, Havilar bound him and returned him to custody in Phandalin where he will be taken to Neverwinter and put on trial for his crimes.
  • The rest of the party traversed the Crypt and smashed some skeletons, Rescuing Nina and her teenaged children, she told them of an EmeraldAmulet left behind in her family’s shop.
  • The party is awaiting for Havilar to return before proceeding to investigate the hideout further.
Session 2 - The Redbrand Menace
Murder in the streets of Phandalin
  • Set out to continue on toward Phandalin
  • Arrived in Phandalin and delivered goods to Elmar Barthen at Barthen’s Goods
  • Locke snuck off to pay Quelline Alderleaf and Carp Alderleaf a visit and learned secret information regarding the Redbrand hideout. Locke also received a quest to seek out Reidoth the Druid near the ruins of Thundertree
  • Azalin and Sorscha took a stroll down the street to speak with Sister Garaele and received a quest to travel to Conyberry to speak with a banshee named Agatha to obtain information about the location of the wizard Bowgentle’s spellbook. They are to attempt to flatter her and barter a jeweled silver comb for her information.
  • While Locke slept in haybails, the rest of the party spent the night in the Stonehill Inn
  • The party traveled to the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange to speak with Halia Thornton who has given them a quest to seek out and kill the Redbrand leader known as “Glasstaff” located in their hideout under Tresendar Manor and return any documents or correspondence found within.
  • After speaking with Halia, the party was going to pay the crooked townmaster Harbin Wester a visit when they were ambushed by Redbrand thugs
  • Azalin tossed some spells and ran inside to alert Halia of the trouble, but by the time she returned all of the ruffians had been dispatched, messily, by the party. Dozens of townsfolk stood in terror, awe, and appreciation of the blatant murder they had just witnessed.
  • The party set out for the Redbrand hideout via a secret entrance located in the nearby woods, goblins tried to ambush them but things didn’t pan out in their favor. The party let one wounded goblin scurry off into the woods
  • Once inside the hideout, the party encountered a creature known as a Nothic, which spoke to them telepathically and knew some of their innermost secrets. It bartered for a promise of flesh to be delivered to it, and Azalin made such a pact with the creature. It warned the party of an “eye monster” and captives held somewhere within the complex.
  • The party now must decide which way to go within the Redbrand hideout and press onward.
Session 1 - Bad Day To Be A Goblin
A fiery endeavor!
  • Commissioned 50gp to deliver a cart full of supplies from Neverwinter to Phandalin by Gundren Rockseeker
  • Ambushed by Goblins on the road to Phandalin
  • Discovered Sildar Hallwinter and Gundren’s horses dead in the middle of the road, found an empty map case, no sign of either of them
  • Followed goblin’s trail to cave hideout
  • Fed wolves stolen salted pork from cart supplies
  • Snuck into Klarg the bugbear’s den and completely obliterated him, his wolf, and his goblin pals
  • Took Klarg’s chest of 600cp, 110sp, and a jade frog statue
  • Left behind stolen goods with blue lion symbol on crates
  • Killed half a dozen more goblins with flasks of oil and broke the dam-traps
  • Killed Yeemik the goblin leader and saved Sildar Hallwinter from near death

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